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08 September 2015
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Who is an Endurance race best suited for?

Our Endurance race is a great event if Team Building is a priority or if you just fancy a lot of racing combined with some competition.

How does an Endurance work?

An endurance is a Team Event, so the whole group will be split into teams (minimum 4 teams, maximum of 6 teams). As a team, drivers will try and complete as many laps within the desired time and the team with the most laps completed…wins!

On arrival, all drivers will get kitted out with a Race suit, a helmet and gloves. After a short DVD which explains the flags and how ro use the karts, each driver will get some practice laps. This laps are non-competitive and are there to let the drivers get used to the track and the kart. After the practice laps, we will explain in detail how the endurance works and then…..the racing begins.

The group will have been split into teams, so to start the endurance, one person from each team will get into their ‘team kart’. The lights will go to green and the endurance will start. One person from each team will always be racing on the track and throughout the endurance there will be regular team driver changes in the pit lane. At the end of the endurance, the team with the most laps completed…wins!
Prices are awarded to the top 3 teams.

How many people is needed to do an endurance event?

  • Minimum of 8 drivers, maximum of 36 drivers.
  • An endurance can run with between 4-6 teams.
  • There is a minimum of 2 drivers required per team and a maximum of 6 drivers.

It is recommended to have all teams with equal number of drivers (but this isn’t essential) eg, a group of 20 drivers we would recommend they be split into 4 teams (5 drivers per team) or 5 teams (4 drivers per team) If the group had 15 drivers, for example, we would recommend 5 teams with 3 drivers per team.

How much does an endurance cost?

The endurance is priced PER TEAM, not per person.

1 hour endurance – £60 per team
1.5 hour endurance – £80 per team
2 hour endurance – £100 per team

How long does an endurance event take?

The length of endurance you choose is the length of time that the teams are racing around the track for. As well as this time, there is time needed for the safety DVD, practice laps, explanation and prize giving, therefore the following is a good guideline for how long the whole event will last for the different endurance choices:

  • 1 hour endurance – 2 hours total
  • 1.5 hour endurance – 2 hours 30 mins total
  • 2 hour endurance – 3 hours total